Sep 10, 2011

Telephone Junction Box

This type of junction box can accommodate up to four telephones per line.

Today, I posted several facts about the junction box and made an illustration of a common type that is readily available in most hardware stores.The illustration shows how the wires inside the box are connected. 

The following are some basic facts that can help you wire your telephone:
  • The telephone junction box is the hub where all telephone wires inside your home converge.
  • Its main function is to act as a hub that will distribute telephone power and signals to telephone jacks inside your home.
  • The junction box is used if you want to install more than one telephone jack in a single telephone line. 
  • You do not have to install the box if you only need one telephone inside your home. You can simply connect the wire running from the NID directly to the telephone jack.
  • The telephone cable from the NID runs into the junction box where telephone wires are screwed onto similar colored terminals.
  • To connect a telephone jack to the junction box, run the cable from the jack into the box, then screw the wires at the end of the cable to terminals with the same color inside the junction box.  

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  1. This is the most helpful image I've found for this! I have two telephones installed in my home, and one of them is dropping calls constantly. I'm sure this box is the problem, but I couldn't figure out what line went where when I opened it. This should help me make another attempt before giving up and calling a professional. |